EATG » IAS2017 – Community Paris Declaration published

IAS2017 – Community Paris Declaration published

At the IAS2017 Conference, Paris, 24/07/2017

It is international AIDS conferences that ignite minds and mark turning points in the fight against HIV. This is sometimes a scientific announcement (the arrival of HAART in 1996) or a course taken on the battlefield against AIDS. This was the case in Denver in 1983 and in 1994 with the GIPA principle (see Bryan Teixeira’s article on this). This year, on the occasion of the “9th Conference on HIV Science” held in Paris from 23 to 26 July , civil society aims to mark one of these turns. For months, activists around the world are working on the “Community Paris Declaration” which was launched today.

Click here for the Community Paris Declaration: PCD FINAL

Click here for the list of signatories (EATG included): SIGNATORIES FINAL

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