EATG » ECDC: Annual epidemiological reports on HIV, hepatitis B and C for 2015

ECDC: Annual epidemiological reports on HIV, hepatitis B and C for 2015

The reports are based on data for 2015 retrieved from The European Surveillance System (TESSy) in November 2016.

HIV and AIDS – Annual Epidemiological Report for 2015

In 2015, 29 747 people were diagnosed with HIV in the 31 countries of the EU/EEA, a rate of 5.8 cases per 100 000 population. This figure underestimates the true rate due to underreporting and the delay in reporting HIV diagnoses in a number of countries.

Hepatitis C – Annual Epidemiological Report for 2015

Hepatitis C is more commonly reported among men than women, with a male-to-female ratio of 1.9 to 1. Just over half (50.8%) of all hepatitis C cases reported in 2015 were aged between 25 and 44 years, and 6.9% of cases were under 25 years of age. The interpretation of hepatitis C data across countries remains problematic, with ongoing differences in surveillance systems and difficulties in defining reported cases as acute or chronic. With hepatitis C, a largely asymptomatic disease until the late stages, surveillance based on notification data is challenging, with data reflecting testing practices rather than true occurrence of disease.

Hepatitis B – Annual Epidemiological Report for 2015

There continues to be a downward trend in the rate of acute cases, which is in accordance with global trends and reflects the impact of national vaccination programmes. In contrast, the rate of newly diagnosed chronic cases continues to rise over time, and this increase is most likely to be related to changes in local testing and reporting practices.

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