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UNITAID tuberculosis medicines technology and market landscape (second edition)

Geneva – 09 October 2014 UNITAID has released the second edition of its TB Medicines Technology and Market Landscape , detailing current shortcomings in the tuberculosis (TB) medicines market and opportunities to improve access to lifesaving TB treatment. Although largely curable, TB remains a serious threat to global public health and a leading cause of death, particularly...


Source Source: UNITAID

TB Europe Coalition: Launch of the 2014 Global TB report: Is tuberculosis becoming the world’s deadliest communicable disease?

RUSSIAN VERSION BELOW Brussels, 22 October 2014 – The Tuberculosis Europe Coalition is deeply concerned by the increase in TB cases and deaths disclosed today by the 2014 Global TB Report and calls on the European Union to increase its political and financial commitment to fight this disease in Europe and worldwide. The new report by the World Health...


3D plus ribavirin improves liver function in cirrhosis

PHILADELPHIA — The so-called 3D + RBV regimen, an interferon-free oral treatment, improves early measures of liver function at 12 weeks in hepatitis C patients with cirrhosis, a new analysis of the TURQUOISE-II data shows. "These results were really quite spectacular," Gregory Everson, MD, from the University of Colorado in Aurora, said here at the...


Source Source: Medscape

Preventing and treating HIV-associated bone disease

Given the elevated risk of osteoporosis in people living with HIV -- especially in men over 50 and postmenopausal women -- "clinicians need to be aware of optimal screening and management of bone disease," according to Todd T. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., of Johns Hopkins University, who gave a review of the subject at IDWeek 2014 in Philadelphia. Multiple studies show the risk of...


Source Source:

Australia's rejection of costly new treatment sofosbuvir a 'death sentence for hepatitis C sufferers'

Liver experts at a conference on the Gold Coast have been warned Australia is on the verge of a catastrophic death spiral from Hepatitis C. Dr Miriam Levy, the director of gastroenterology at Sydney's Liverpool Hospital, told the conference on Thursday that the recent decision by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) to refuse subsidies for a breakthrough treatment...


Source Source: ABC News