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New R&D models needed to tackle drug-resistant TB

Tuberculosis has killed more people than any other infectious disease in human history, yet before 2013 no new drugs to treat the illness had been developed for more than 40 years. Access to treatment varies from country to country, depending on the strength of health care systems and ability to buy drugs that can cost thousands of dollars. TB is treatable and curable, but 1.5...


Source Source: Devex Impact

HIV-positive men taking erectile dysfunction drugs more likely to take sexual risks and have syphilis

HIV-positive men who had been prescribed medication for erectile dysfunction had a higher rate of syphilis and were more likely to have engaged in sexual risk behaviors than those who had not been prescribed such drugs, according to a study presented at IDWeek 2014 . The study, which was a retrospective cross-sectional sub-study within the larger AIDS Clinical Cohort study, evaluated...


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Developing a drug costs $2.6 billion, but not everyone believes this

The cost to develop a new drug and win FDA marketing approval is now pegged at nearly $2.6 billion, according to a new report from the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. The estimate will likely hearten drug makers that argue rising prices reflect rising costs, but consumer advocates reacted as if someone was trying to sell them a bridge. The figure includes two basic...


Divergent findings on immune protection from HIV in foreskin

HIV-neutralizing IgA was less prevalent in foreskin of men who became infected with HIV than in men who remained HIV-negative during a Ugandan circumcision trial. But levels of antimicrobial peptides were higher in men who acquired HIV infection. The foreskin is a primary site of HIV acquisition. Previous research found HIV-neutralizing IgA and increased levels of antimicrobial...


Advances in electron microscopy reveal secrets of HIV and other viruses

UC Davis researchers are getting a new look at the workings of HIV and other viruses thanks to new techniques in electron microscopy developed on campus. The envelope (or Env) protein of HIV is a key target for vaccine makers: it is a key component in RV144 , an experimental vaccine that is so far the only candidate to show promise in clinical trials. Also called gp120, the Env...