EATG » Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS warns about misleading use of data

Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS warns about misleading use of data

In this German article, contributed by EATG member Peter Wiessner, Aktionsbündnis gegen AIDS warns about the misuse and misinterpretation of epidemiological and statistical data by extremists and racist authors to shed bad light on immigrants and refugees. The current situation in tuberculosis poses a particular difficulty.

“The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) does what it always does. As per ordered, it is concerned with the recording of transmissible diseases, establishes trends and interprets those. As the state’s epidemiological institute in Germany, it is something like the counterpart of the American CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). It is rather rare for the RKI to get into the headlines. What is done with the data collected is very likely to be beyond the direct influence of the institute, reason enough to exercise extreme caution. This article analyzes how RKI data are absorbed by right-wing and fascist media to spread racist propaganda against immigrants.”

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