EATG » Advancing Community Agency – EATG Stakeholder Meeting in Brussels

Advancing Community Agency – EATG Stakeholder Meeting in Brussels

The European AIDS Treatment Group held its annual Stakeholder Meeting in Brussels on 22 January 2018. The event welcomed 21 guests – partners and funders of EATG – who met 13 staff and Board of Directors members from the organisation.

The EATG’s 2018 work plan focuses on advancing community agency in the response to HIV/AIDS in Europe. The presentation of the work plan was followed by an introduction to and presentation of the different work areas of EATG.

Science Officer Giorgio Barbareschi discussed the role of community advisory boards (CABs) in patient advocacy.

Policy Officer Ann-Isabelle von Lingen explained how EATG will proceed in pursuing the community’s political response to the epidemic.

Training Officer Kristjan Jachnowitsch pointed to the importance of training and capacity building programs in the future activities of EATG, and the importance of partnerships.

Also, Executive Director Koen Block presented the work plan in some detail, and requested the audience to discuss it in the frames of an open forum moderated by Nikos Dedes, Chair of the Board of Directors. An overall update on the current status of projects led by or including EATG rounded out the event.

Some of the comments and questions concerned changes in the working procedures of ECAB and the science portfolio’s meetings, and also how co-morbidities like viral hepatitis, tuberculosis or mental health issues are handled. More agile and dynamic structures and work procedures are essential if EATG wants to remain the cutting edge NGO that is has been for 25 years.