EATG » Position on scaling up HIV self-testing and self-sampling

Position on scaling up HIV self-testing and self-sampling

Just published - an opinion piece on scaling up HIV self-testing and self-sampling, by the HIV in Europe Initiative (a European civil society, policy makers, health professionals and public health institutions platform to advance early diagnosis and care of HIV and viral hepatitis, of which EATG is part). Several EATG members contributed to it.

The initiative highlights a few steps to be taken to ensure the quality of the testing process; access; the provision of information; as well as support and linkage to care for those with a reactive test result.

Overall, the initiative urges European governments to take a proactive role in removing existing legal and regulatory barriers, including those limiting the availability of HIVST, preventing the use of point-of-care technologies by lay providers and restricting access to HIV tests for people < 18 years of age and/or migrants. Furthermore, it calls for cooperation between governments, diagnostics companies and community organisations to ensure efficient and timely assessment and approval of safe, high-quality, affordable, consumer-friendly testing technologies.

Scale-up of HIV self-testing