EATG » 2nd Hep-C Community Summit: We are more than just patients

2nd Hep-C Community Summit: We are more than just patients

The European AIDS Treatment Group participates in the 2nd Hep-C Community Summit that takes place on the 18th of September in Lisbon. Organised by Correlation European Harm Reduction Network, the summit will bring together people from the affected communities, advocates, researchers, healthcare providers, harm reduction practitioners, and policymakers to discuss and to develop an enduring cooperation for building the road to HCV elimination.

The EATG is part of the Programme Committee and as such is invited to highlight advocacy priorities for action during a plenary session. These priorities include decriminalisation given the impact of repressive drug policies on health and quality of life and reaching out to key populations in prison settings.


‘We are more than just patients’ – Hepatitis treatment and beyond

The EATG is chairing a parallel session that aims to look beyond treatment, on how we can address underlying needs of people who use drugs (PUD), people in prisons and other key populations. This session will seek to provide the view of these communities and civil society organisations who work with them in Europe, in order to identify and discuss the main needs of PUD beyond health and treatment, and what advocacy and services are required to bridge these gaps. The session will include panel presentations, a debate with the public and will aim to structure priorities for future action.

You can find the programme of the summit here.