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Lella Cosmaro

Lella Cosmaro is a Steering Committee (SC) Member of AIDS Action Europe (AAE) and former co-Chair of the European Civil Society Forum (CSF) on HIV/AIDS.

LILA (ital. “Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro l’AIDS”, which means “Italian League for Fighting AIDS”) is a national association, which presently counts 14 units located in the most important Italian cities. I am part of the Milan Unit since 1993, a very long time. LILA is very active at national level in advocacy, defence of human and civil rights, prevention in all key populations and support of PLHIV. LILA is represented in the National AIDS Commission of the Ministry of Health and in the most relevant national and regional AIDS committees. LILA also represents the Italian civil society in the European context. I am the person who represents LILA at European level, as Italian CSF member, as a member of the AAE Steering Committee, on some European projects and advisory boards. I invest a lot of efforts and energy in such a role, but I also enjoy working in Milano on prevention projects with all key populations. I could not do without a direct and personal contact with the target groups and I would never give up my daily work in Milano.